Our hospital continues to work in accordance with national and international quality standards.

  • To provide quality health services with the modern technology required by contemporary medicine
  • To provide quality service in line with national and international patient safety targets
  • Contributing to protective and improving studies of public health
  • To ensure patient, patient relatives and employee satisfaction and to continuously increase their education
  • Ensuring optimum financial performance
  • Not to compromise on the conditions of the Quality Management System, to continuously increase its effectiveness
  • To ensure continuous development 

Our Duties as Quality Unit

  • Coordinating the work of the units within the framework of national and international standards
  • Evaluate the results of the analysis made by the department for department objectives
  • Managing self-assessments
  • Evaluating patient and employee survey results
  • Protecting the Rights and Responsibilities of patients and their relatives
  • To determine the committees within the framework of national and international standards, to continue the committee work and to follow up.

Our Information Security Management System Policy

  • Our primary goal is to ensure the trust of the institutions, organizations and patients/patient relatives and to ensure the security of our information assets.
  • In this context; Our relations with the patients/patient relatives, official institutions and suppliers we cooperate with are very valuable. The continuity of the services we provide, the confidentiality of the information we hold, and the integrity of our customers or information assets within ourselves are of high importance.
  • As the Main Principles of Our Information Security Policy
    As Letoon Hospital, ensuring the security of all information assets belonging to its patients/patient relatives, staff, suppliers and solution partners
  • To identify possible risks on information assets and to establish a risk management using methods such as risk acceptance, risk avoidance, risk reduction, risk control and risk transfer.
  • To meet the obligations arising from legal regulations, security clauses in contracts and business requirements and to prevent damages arising from improper use of information.
  • To protect corporate information against all kinds of internal or external, intentional or unintentional threats.
  • Protection of information confidentiality against access by unauthorized persons who will try to compromise its integrity
  • Ensuring business continuity and minimizing potential losses
    To strive for continuous improvement, to adapt to changing and evolving information assets and the evolving and changing storage, transmission and use environments of these assets.
  • To ensure the continuity of the studies on Information Security and to continuously improve and improve continuously.
    We are committed to keeping our policy open to all our employees and everyone’s review.

Our Quality Organization Structure


Our Vertical and Horizontal Coordination and Integration Points:

The Quality Organization structure is specified in the “Quality Management Representative Organization Chart” and is the highest
at the Chief Physician and Responsible Manager, under him the Deputy Chief Physician, and under him the Quality Management
Its representative is vertically. The Quality Management Representative works with the Quality Unit Responsibles.