All of our guests staying in our hospital, especially those who cannot manage themselves, have the right to accompany them;
We kindly ask you to comply with this guide that we have prepared for you in terms of patient health and well-being during the accompanying period.

If the patient’s companion is deemed necessary by the physician, it is accepted with the approval of the hospital chief physician.
Companions (other than physician and nurse directives) will not perform any application for the patient.
The companions must keep the belongings and materials of the hospital neat and clean, the companion who damages the hospital property will cover the damage.
In order to provide you with a peaceful environment, patients and their relatives; It is essential not to speak loudly and not to make noise in the patient room and service corridors. In addition, the televisions in your rooms should be used in a way that does not disturb others.
It is necessary to comply with the instructions for use in the room for the items to be used by the companions in the patient rooms. During the hospitalization of the patient, hospital items such as the room TV remote control delivered, at the patient’s discharge; must be handed over to the floor secretary or nurse with signature.
There are openable companion seats in the patient rooms so that the attendants can rest.
Service nurses will be informed about the change of companions.
Companions will not take the patients out of the hospital or change their beds without the request of the relevant physician or nurse.
The companions will not bring food or drink to the patient and will not give any food or drink to the patient without consulting the physician or nurse.
Companions will not use tobacco and alcoholic substances within the hospital. Smoking is prohibited in all service areas of our hospital. Those who smoke are fined in accordance with Law No. 4027.
Companions shall not speak loudly in patient rooms and corridors, and shall not disturb staff and other patients.
Companions will inform the nurse if there is any problem with their patients. In terms of patient safety, patient rooms should not be locked while the patient or his companion is in the room. This rule is also applied in cases where the patient goes to surgery and examination.

Thank you for following the hospital attendant rules.

You are special to us…